The Cubes at Inland Woods

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CRG, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, and Clayco form the Develop-Design-Build team for The Cubes at Inland Woods. This development will introduce a 430,700-square-foot speculative industrial building in Duncan, South Carolina, equipped with modern facilities.

Strategic Location and Connectivity: The project’s strategic location, approximately 2 miles from Inland Port Greer, is a significant advantage. Inland Port Greer offers an extended gateway to the international market through its direct rail connection to the Port of Charleston. This connectivity ensures swift container-to-rail transfers, often within 24 hours of vessel discharge, enhancing supply chain efficiency and reducing transportation costs for businesses operating in the area.

Logistical Benefits: Being adjacent to Inland Port Greer allows for faster and more reliable shipping and receiving processes. The port’s state-of-the-art facilities and technology streamline the handling of goods, which is crucial for businesses relying on just-in-time inventory management. This proximity also translates into reduced drayage costs and lower carbon emissions due to shorter trucking distances.

Economic Impact: The proximity to Inland Port Greer can spur economic growth by attracting businesses that benefit from the port’s logistics capabilities. This can lead to job creation in the region and the potential for future expansion of industrial and commercial activities.

Industry Synergy: Situated near BMW U.S. Headquarters and Michelin North America, The Cubes at Inland Woods benefits from being in a hub of significant industrial and manufacturing activity. This positioning creates opportunities for synergies with established global players, fostering a collaborative business environment.

Facility Features: The Cubes at Inland Woods includes 240 parking spaces, 74 trailer parking spaces, 4 drive-in docks, and 128 dock doors. Its design optimizes space utilization with 54’x54′ column spacing and 60′ speed bays. The building is also equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and an ESFR sprinkler system, ensuring safety and sustainability.

The Cubes at Inland 85: The development of The Cubes at Inland Woods complements the master-planned project, The Cubes at Inland 85, enhancing the region’s appeal as a prime location for industrial and logistic operations.


Duncan, SC


39.3 Acres



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430,700 SF