The Cubes at Inland 85

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A 324-acre master-planned industrial park in Spartanburg near the Inland Port Greer.

CRG, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, and Clayco are spearheading The Cubes at Inland 85, a significant 324-acre industrial project located in Duncan, South Carolina. This expansive development is set to play a pivotal role in the region’s industrial growth.

Strategic Location and Connectivity: The Cubes at Inland 85 benefits from its proximity to Inland Port Greer. Located within a short distance, this proximity offers unparalleled access to the Port of Charleston via dedicated rail service. This connection ensures rapid and efficient logistics operations, crucial for businesses dependent on international trade and timely supply chain management.

Extended Logistics and Economic Advantages: The scale of The Cubes at Inland 85 amplifies the logistical benefits. Its larger footprint allows for more extensive industrial operations, attracting a diverse range of businesses and fostering a dynamic economic environment in the region. The close proximity to Inland Port Greer further enhances the efficiency of shipping and receiving operations, promoting cost-effective and environmentally friendly logistics.

Industry Synergy: Positioned near major industrial players like BMW and Michelin, The Cubes at Inland 85 stands to benefit from and contribute to the existing industrial ecosystem. This environment is ideal for businesses seeking to leverage the expertise and networks of established global corporations.

Building B Features: The last site at the project can accommodate up to 500,345 square feet. The cross-docked facility will include 46 trailer parking spaces, 150 parking spaces, 130′ truck court depth, 4 drive-in doors, 99 dock doors, 54’x54′ column spacing, 61′ speed bays, 36′ clear height, ESFR sprinkler system, LED lighting and 7″ slab thickness (4,000 PSI).

Complementary to The Cubes at Inland Woods: The development of The Cubes at Inland 85 complements the smaller-scale project of The Cubes at Inland Woods. Together, these projects enhance the appeal of the Duncan, South Carolina area as a leading destination for businesses seeking state-of-the-art industrial and logistics facilities in a strategically advantageous location.

Project Documents
The Cubes at Inland 85 – Building B (brochure)


Duncan, South Carolina


324 Acres


  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative
  • Parking Spaces: 150 spaces
  • Trailer Spaces: 46 spaces
  • Docks: 99 Dock Doors 4 Drive-In Doors
  • Clear Height: 36′
  • Sprinkler System: ESFR


Available Today
Building B: 500,345 SF / 43.32 Acres

Building A: 1,318,680 SF / 130.98 Acres
Building C: 1,400,580 SF / 111.12 Acres