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Championing Diversity in Commercial Real Estate


The lack of diversity in the commercial real estate (“CRE”) industry is well-known, but not widely tackled. We aim to dismantle the barriers hindering Developers of Color in the CRE sector, PILLAR was created to address the lack of diversity in CRE and to remove barriers to entry for developers of color in the CRE sector. Our team collaborates with Chicago-based developers, pooling our resources to help overcome design and development challenges in commercial real estate.

Barries PILLAR Aims to Overcome

    • Limited access to capital and technical resources
    • Restricted relationships with expansive networks
    • Limited commercial development experience
    • Few development partnership opportunities
    • Hurdles in securing public/private partnerships
    • Development complications, from site acquisition to project completion
    • Inadequate support in securing financial products
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How PILLAR Supports Developers

At the heart of our mission are the tangible resources and guidance we provide to our partners. PILLAR offers a comprehensive suite of support, including meticulous reviews of construction pricing and project proformas. We aid in site planning and selection, ensuring the foundation of a project is robust. Additionally, our expertise extends to marketing and predevelopment planning, ensuring our partners have a holistic strategy in place. Moreover, we understand the importance of collaboration, and thus, actively facilitate project partnerships, fostering an environment where shared knowledge leads to shared success.

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Our Vision

PILLAR is not just a service; it’s a call to action. We envision a Chicago CRE landscape where developers accurately represent the city’s diverse fabric. With each project we support, we come closer to making this vision a reality.

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