Delmar Divine

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Delmar Divine is a place for conversation, creativity and collaboration that reflects a 21st century approach to maximizing human and financial capital.

The original building of St. Luke’s Hospital on Delmar Boulevard is the second oldest general hospital building in St. Louis. St. Luke’s Hospital held an important place in history as a symbol of the conversion of hospitals from places for the medically indigent into training grounds for healthcare professionals and eventually into places where medicine was practiced, research conducted and advancements made.

Between 1904 and its closing as Connect Care due to bankruptcy in 2013, ten significant additions, wings, new buildings and even three more floors were added to its flagship structure, resulting in a sprawling complex that covers six+ acres in concrete, stone and brick. These facilities represent a continuous line of social and public health history in the St. Louis community. The Delmar Divine will continue this important history, symbolically and practically.

The former hospital campus was reinvented as a hub for social innovation and enterprise. A myriad of nonprofits, foundations and community support organizations, whose collective purpose is to improve outcomes in the nonprofit sector, will co-locate and combine resources to promote innovation and exceptional program delivery.

Its expansive space allows capacity for a parallel economic development initiative that includes affordable housing for young and diverse career professionals, along with retail opportunities that will provide convenience and a welcoming vibe.

CRG was the developer and Lamar Johnson Collaborative served as the architect.




St. Louis, MO


310,000 SF


  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative