U.S. Logistics Fund

U.S. Logistics Fund

U.S. Logistics Fund 1

$300 million Fund to invest in the development of Class A logistics assets in North America.

Institutional Investor

Lead investor is a Canadian pension plan.

Fund Sponsor

Partners of CRG have created a sponsor entity to invest long term along institutional investors.

Build-To-Core Strategy

Enhanced returns through developing new assets in lieu of acquiring stabilized assets.

Seed Assets

Current equity investments and commitments to Seattle, Portland, Atlanta, and Lehigh Valley.

Business Plan

Develop and hold first class bulk warehouse and distribution facilities serving high density population centers, primary logistics corridors and multi-modal transportation networks.

Return Objectives

19% net IRR during the development phase and 13-15% blended, over the seven (7) year life of the fund. All IRRs quoted are after GP promotes and are blended for the entire fund.