Chapter at Madison

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The proposed project includes 172 units, 3,000 square feet of neighborhood-oriented commercial space, underground parking, bike storage, and a 1,500 square foot outdoor amenity space on the ninth floor.

CRG’s project, Chapter at Madison, occupies a critical part of the South Campus Plan in Madison. The proposed ten-story project will integrate into the existing urban environment and further strengthen the business corridor. CRG intends to begin construction in the fall of 2022 and open the building in 2024.

Project Status: As of December 2023

CRG’s Art Mission focuses on art for the community by the community. The development team recognizes the importance of this block to the Regent Street Plan and the South Campus neighborhood and intends to incorporate elements of public art to acknowledge the history of the site. CRG has met with the Alder, neighborhood group, and interested stakeholders to discuss plans to treat the first-floor corridor that fronts Regent Street as a “history hallway” of the Greenbush neighborhood. CRG understands that the priority is to develop a timeline and exhibition that is inclusive of the history of other buildings and key blocks in the neighborhood beyond the 802 Regent building alone. CRG plans to continue working with the Alder, neighborhood, and key stakeholders to develop, design, and refine the project’s public art and historical tribute elements.

The design of the project is consistent with the guidelines of the Regent Street – South Campus Neighborhood Plan and furthermore recognizes the need to create a sense of enclosure and urban space in order to strengthen the business corridor along Regent and to act as an entrance to the campus from the south along Park Street. The site sits along both major vehicular and pedestrian paths, and the proposed project speaks to the unified streetscape sought in the Regent Street – South Campus Plan with the use of the stepback and setbacks and by the critical introduction of vertical breaks and an undulating rhythm which enhance the neighborhood and human scale of the project. The approach to detailing is rooted in tradition but expresses the pedestrian scale along Regent Street with texture and warmth. The architecture clearly expresses a base, middle, and top but does so with a contemporary and forward-looking vocabulary, speaking to the new vernacular of Madison.


Madison, Wisconsin


Project size: 242,386 SF
Land Size/Acreage: 0.8 acres



  • Architect: Lamar Johnson Collaborative


172 units / 526 bedrooms
24,000 sf of parking and bike storage
3,000 sf of neighborhood-oriented commercial space
1,500 sf outdoor amenity space