About the Firm

CRG is a recognized leader in development and investment throughout North America. Our firm has built a reputation delivering the best real estate solutions for our clients since 1993. Our truly vertically integrated approach has resulted in the most cost effective and creative design and construction solutions for our clients while essentially eliminating delivery risk for our investors.

The Job is the Boss

Our culture is rooted in mutual respect and living by the “golden rule” of treating others how we wish to be treated. Our team of highly talented people represents the best and brightest in our industry. Our environment is fast-paced and results-oriented, and our projects benefit from hands-on leadership on every project. Our attention to detail and commitment to each project allows our firm to be selective where we apply our craft and choose projects that will be the most important to our clients and the communities in which we work.

We see beyond the walls and the buildings we construct

We Have Set Dramatic New Standards

We have dramatically set new standards for development, design, quality and craftsmanship, efficient project management, cost containment and worker safety. We’ve integrated the building process from head to tail and adopted new technologies that bring state-of-the-art design-build opportunities to clients and the communities they serve.

In the process of creating and innovating we tear down obstacles, old methods and outdated thinking, and we replace them with new ideas and transformational solutions.

We see projects through the eyes of the people who will use them every day. Through their eyes, we see places of progress, technology and industry. The result? Powerful structures with impacts that reach far beyond the walls.

Our team has formed strong relationships in the industry and, as a result, has a clear understanding of objectives. Our market knowledge and specialized focus help our clients maximize their opportunities to meet their strategic goals.


Site Selection, Development, 
Financing, Asset Management


Urban Planning, Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Engineering


Design-Build, CM@Risk, 

Self-Perform, Culture of Safety