Developing for the Demands of Next Generation

The Cubes industrial brand is owned and developed by CRG. The Cubes represents CRG’s philosophy of developing for the demands of next generation industrial users. The Cubes are designed with an emphasis on sustainability and state-of-the-art building specifications with consumer centric logistics strategies. With the end user always in mind, The Cubes offer superior access to logistics networks and strong, qualified labor supplies.

As the industry begins to measure cubic feet and maximize racking space, CRG’s The Cubes industrial brand is part of its leadership effort to meet this tremendous demand in the speculative warehouse market. In addition to The Cubes, CRG delivers more than 10 million square feet on an annual basis, worth about $650 million of Class A industrial product per year.

The Cubes Philosophy

Cutting-Edge Sustainability Practices

As a member of the global community transitioning to clean energy practices, we are committed to a more sustainable future that ensures the free flow of goods and bolsters economic opportunity. Our sustainable developments involve the use of environmentally responsible and efficient operational practices crucial to the long-term business success of our clients.

Access to Major Transportation

Location is more important than ever as e-commerce providers strive to meet consumer demand for quick delivery as well as satisfy their need to be in close proximity to a labor force. These factors have driven our strategic approach to be located at sites with easy access to major transportation including interstates, ports and airports.

State-of-the Art Design and Construction

The Cubes are designed with best practices of design and construction in mind, and incorporate building features, such as additional clear height and extra trailer and car parking. CRG offers unparalleled planning, design and construction expertise by leveraging Clayco Collective companies Clayco and Lamar Johnson Collaborative.

3D As-Built Drawings

We utilize 3D as-built drawings to understand the facility environment in a way that allows us to plan a project with considerations for clash detection, feasibility, fabrication requirements and efficiency improvements.

Zero Tolerance Safety Programs

Safety is built in our DNA. From day one, our parent company Clayco, set out to be the leader in the industry for jobsite safety. That approach has taken on a life of its own and has led to the creation of a “safety net” over all we do.

Workforce Availability

Access to a strong labor force is one of most important criteria to our tenants. Our rigorous site selection process ensures that all of The Cubes are in locations with excellent workforce availability.

Modern Truck Courts, Parking and Trailer Storage

The Cubes are all incorporated with ample door docks and trailer storage and car parks associated with the new state-of-the-art industrial distribution centers.

The Cubes Locations

The Cubes at Inland 85

Duncan, South Carolina

324 Acres

3 buildings

3,219,605 total

The Cubes at Fort Prince

Wellford, SC

186 Acres

3 buildings

345,600 – 1,500,000 SF total

The Cubes at Interstate Centre II

Ellabell, Georgia

Up to 1,131,500 SF
300 Acres

5 buildings

3,103,430 total

The Cubes at River Park

Atlanta, Georgia

Up to 2,430,000 SF

12 buildings

13,247,900 total

The Cubes at Locust Grove

Locust Grove, Georgia

1,000,993 SF
340 Acres

4 buildings

2,022,220 total

The Cubes at Bridgeport

Coweta County, Georgia

1,002,150 SF

9 buildings

8,500,000 SF total

The Cubes at Etna

Columbus, Ohio

2.4 million SF

4 buildings

2,400,000 SF total

The Cubes at Plainville

Plainville, Massachusetts

1 building

662,500 SF total

The Cubes at French Lake

Dayton, MN

65.1 Acres

1 building

The Cubes at Bedford Station

Beford Park, Illinois

±400,000 SF
Expandable up to ±800,000 SF

1 building

400,000 SF total

The Cubes at Tumwater – Costco

Tumwater, WA

1,098,800 SF

The Cubes at DuPont – Kimberly Clark

DuPont, Washington

1.6 million SF

The Cubes at Troutdale

Portland, Oregon

350,000 SF

The Cubes at Huff Lane

East Greenwich Township, New Jersey

283,040 SF

The Cubes at Harmony Road

East Greenwich Township, New Jersey

252,750 SF

The Cubes at Emig Road

York, Pennsylvania

311,920 SF

The Cubes at Lehigh Valley – Airport Road

East Allen Township, Pennsylvania

450,000 SF

The Cubes at Rickenbacker

Columbus, Ohio

320,000 SF

The Cubes at Glendale

Phoenix, Arizona

±2,970,000 SF

4 buildings

±2,970,000 SF total

The Cubes at Country Club Hills

Chicago, Illinois

1,033,450 SF

1 building

1,033,450 SF total

The Cubes at Mesa Gateway

Mesa, Arizona

±2,936,000 SF

6 buildings

±2,936,000 SF total